"People Matter, Thing's Don't"

This has been Ricky's motto for years and he has carried it with him in all that he does. From going on a 2 year service mission in Uruguay to donating much of his spare time to his church in volunteer positions for most of his adult life, he understands the value and potential of each individual he comes in contact with. 

Being a Southern California native who grew up not far from Upland he and his wife Kelsie were excited to move here after Ricky completed college where he earned a degree in Business management.  Ricky has since then grown his small business in HVAC inspections and started his family here. With a vested interest in the city his family has settled in, Ricky hopes to be a force for good and a voice of the community. Uniquely positioned at this time in his life to have the opportunity to serve Upland has been an exciting realization. As a father of three girls, Ricky cares deeply about the issues and decisions being made in Upland and hopes to create a bright future for his family and the community. 


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