"Open and honest; moreover, he took the time to respond to me on tough questions. I want to thank him for that."

—  Bill Clarke




We have 4 parks in our district, 3 of which are located next to elementary schools. We need safe, fun, attractive areas that draw in families. Our poorly maintained structures have become abandoned leaving our parks open for other uses, i.e. homelessness, crime and drug trafficking. The city has allowed this to happen through its neglect, I propose we revamp our parks. Parks are the heart that create a feeling of community, they provide safe spaces to nurture the children and families of our city. In addition *1 in 6 children in the United states have one or more developmental delays. I would personally love to see us at the forefront of taking care of our children by creating playgrounds that are sensory rich and provide inclusive play options to children of all abilities. We need to create what we want to attract to our public areas, making safe beautiful areas where our citizens can walk, play, and bond should be a high priority.

Public Safty


Too often in our shopping and public area’s there are unwanted events that take place. Our citizens deserve to feel safe at all times. I would like to focus on increasing safety through public and privatized security to discourage loitering, aggressive pan handlers, and other forms of solicitation. 

Police – Simply put, we need more, with only 1.5 patrol cars allotted for our area response time is slow and they are too overburdened to take care of all the citizen’s needs. We need more patrolling our city but also more that want to stay here in Upland. With the former police chief leaving I am hopeful that the climate of our task force will be more positive and open to working on solutions.



District 3 is the only district off the I-10 freeway. When you exit either off Euclid or Mountain you find streets that are filled with pot holes, trash, traffic lines that do not match up, sidewalks that have been destroyed by tree roots, poorly working storm drains, and empty store fronts with parking lots and streets that are dimly lit.  I will push for more focus on our streets, better lighting, fixing sidewalks and cleaning drains. I want to make it when you exit the freeway Upland is displaying it’s best, and we are inviting and enticing the community and those surrounding to shop and spend time with us.

Let's Get To Work!

It’s time to pave our streets and fix our sidewalks. It’s time for a change and I am willing to put in the work. That’s why I’m running for Upland City Council. Having run my own small business, I understand that just like a business, a city has to be run correctly. Being a father of three young girls that go to school and walk the streets of Upland, I’m invested in making our community a safe and thriving environment. If it’s not good for the family, it’s not good for Upland!


Homelessness: We must reduce homelessness on our streets. Current policies are not working. The city must do more to address the problem.


Parks: We need more parks in our area of the city, not fewer. I will work to create and maintain more open space and parks.


Streets and Sidewalks: Our district has been neglected for too long. I will focus on repairing our streets and sidewalks.


I believe in public service – I became an Eagle Scout in my youth and worked hard from an early age. With your vote, we can work to improve Upland without sacrificing “The City of Gracious Living”.


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Upland, CA 91785



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